Our dedicated team of professionals, who come from diverse backgrounds in both PR and IR, have unparalleled experience in sport and the Olympic Movement. Many of the team are also fluent in a number of European languages – always helpful when dealing with our numerous international clients!

Jon Tibbs (Chairman)


Favourite sport: Football to watch, golf to play.

Unusual skill: Playing the flamenco guitar.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Sir Alex Ferguson - for what he chooses not to say and his overall economy of words, giving greater importance to the words he does use. The impact of those words is the stuff of legends.

Sally Tibbs (Director)

sally p

Favourite sport: Tennis.

Unusual skill: Understanding the apostrophe 's' rule.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Sir David Frost. Who else could make you laugh with his satirical wit and captivate you with arguably the most famous TV interview ever?

Séverine Townsend (Managing Director)

sevi p

Favourite sport: Skiing, running, tennis.

Unusual skill: Playing tennis on rollerblades.

Favourite communicator. Why?: King Hussein I - because he showed that anything is possible through compassion and the power of persuasive communications.

Salvador Ramirez (Managing Director, JTA Design)

salva p

Favourite sport: Basketball to watch, squash to play.

Unusual skill: I can read ancient languages such as Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian or Sumerian.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Ross Noble. He is just so funny!

Andréa Reed (Director – Finance)


Favourite sport: Swimming.

Unusual skill: I can drive a car with reverse steering i.e. you turn the steering wheel left when you want to turn right etc.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Terry Deary – for inspiring a love of history in my three children. His books and television series bring the past to life in a fun and engaging way that is accessible to all. I've learnt so much; far more than I ever did at school!

Justin Shea (Director – Client Services)

justin p

Favourite sport: Football.

Unusual skill: Origami.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Alan Partridge – because of his ability to cover the hard-hitting topics that people want to know the answers to. Like: ‘Who’s the best lord? - Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Dance or Lord of the Flies?’

Nick Dawes (Senior Consultant)

nick p

Favourite sport: Football.

Unusual skill: Sleeping after five espressos.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Chris Kamara. I laugh every time. Youtube him and see for yourself! But on more of a serious note, Niccolò Machiavelli was inspiring: “Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are”.

Jonathan Firpo (Senior Consultant)

Jonathan p

Favourite sport: Football.

Unusual skill: Slacklining.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Pep Guardiola - because he is a manager who completely lives his profession. For a man who only recently stepped onto the managerial stage, he has already exhibited a mastery of communication skills and reinforced the belief that experience transcends age.

Anna Manuelian (Senior Consultant, Lausanne)

anna p

Favourite sport: Volleyball.

Unusual skill: Cooking a 3-course meal in 20 minutes.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Dmitry Chernyshenko because he made a Russian sports dream come true and for his great sense of humour.

Tom Julian (Consultant)

Tom Julian

Favourite sport: American football.

Unusual skill: I have a ‘Friends’ quote for almost any occasion.

Favourite communicator. Why?: As a child, it was J.K. Rowling who changed my whole perception of reading; from a long and laborious effort to endless hours of enjoyment. Her charitable, philanthropic and moral attitudes also resonate with me.

David Green (Consultant)


Favourite sport: Football.

Unusual skill: Always being the last man standing on a banana boat.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Martin Tyler – the voice of the Premier League expresses iconic footballing moments in a truly unique and captivating way.

Viv Harding (Senior Finance Executive)


Favourite sport: Horse riding, kayaking.

Unusual skill: Furniture makeovers.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Terry Pratchett – for his observation on humanity and his humour.

Aldona Kowal (Finance Executive)


Favourite sport: Figure skating to watch, cycling to do.

Unusual skill: I can make a little black dress in one hour.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Wisława Szymborska - for her beautiful poems and her great sense of humour. Her gentle sense of being has also always impressed me.

Claire Hunter (Executive Assistant)

claire p

Favourite sport: Stoolball.

Unusual skill: I can make anyone smile.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Winston Churchill. He had the power to lead, drive and motivate, possessing the ability to deliver clear concise messages whilst taking great care never to patronise his audience and inspiring all to follow.

Laura Waldon (Finance Administrator)

Laura Waldon

Favourite sport: Football and athletics.

Unusual skill: Ability to always find a convincing argument for a new pair of shoes.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Sir David Attenborough. For his natural ability to captivate his audience and inspire the next generation to consider how amazing our planet and its inhabitants are. All the while instilling the knowledge that we are responsible for its fragile future.

Andy Reed (Consultant - Research and Analysis)


Favourite sport: Football and rugby.

Unusual skill: Knowledge of world flags.

Favourite communicator. Why?: Didier Drogba - a legendary sportsman who used his platform as an athlete to bring peace through sport to his country of Côte d’Ivoire to end the civil war.