Eliud Kipchoge

Week 289 (27 April - 3 May 2019) 

During the sprint-finish of the 2019 London Marathon, hundreds of thousands of on-course spectators and tens of millions of TV viewers around the world only had eyes for Eliud Kipchoge. 

Could he take his fourth London Marathon title and perhaps even break the course record?

As he crossed the finish line with his arms in the air and a huge smile across his face, it was clear that @EliudKipchoge was totally delighted to be victorious yet again. 

The Kenyan’s time of 2:02:37 improved his own London course record, winning by 18 seconds. It was the second quickest ever mark on a record-eligible course, after his own world record of 2:01:39 from Berlin.

And as if that wasn’t enough, since switching from track to road running in 2013, Kipchoge has now won 10 of the 11 marathons he has entered. A remarkable feat. 

Just before the marathon, Kipchoge sat down for an interview with BBC Sport to discuss what running means to him:

“No human is limited. The mind is what drives a human being. My mind is always free. My mind is flexible. 

“I want to show the world that you can go beyond your thoughts, you can break more than you think you can break.”

Even though his winnings from the marathons have made him a multi-millionaire, money is not his motivation. Kipchoge believes that “living simply sets you free.” 

Almost his whole year is spent training away from his wife and children in a small village in the Kenyan highlands. 

He is known as the "boss man" by his training partners but that doesn't stop him cleaning the toilets or doing his share of the daily chores.

"I enjoy the simplistic training and life in marathon.

"You run, eat, sleep, walk around, that's how life is. You don't get complicated. The moment you get complicated it distracts your mind."

Even though he still has a long road ahead of him, Kipchoge is thinking about retirement and what he will do when he decides to stop running.

“My plan is to concentrate on inspiring people. My dream is to make this world a running world.  

“There is freedom in running. Go and run and your mind will be free. That is what is needed in the whole planet.”

Eliud Kipchoge’s quiet understated determination, his motivation yet humility and his plans to inspire people to become better by incorporating running into their lives, makes him JTA Communicator of the Week.

 Photo: Google