Ada Hegerberg

Week 268 (1 - 7 December 2018)

This week, the first-ever female won the Ballon d’Or award, but Ada Hegerberg’s moment was doused in controversy, overshadowing her win.

When Ada Hegerberg came to the stage to claim her inaugural award, she was asked by the host DJ Martin Solveig live on stage if she “knew how to twerk”, igniting widespread upset across the world.

The Lyon and Norway forward replied with a simple “no” before reluctantly agreeing to dance, but was clearly very distressed by the comment.

After 10 years of dominance by Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, it was looked upon as a huge triumph in the fight for equality in football for a woman to win this prestigious award.

Throughout Ronaldo’s and Messi’s reign, they were never once asked to “twerk” on stage but always congratulated for their success.

Just before she picked up her award, the 23-year-old communicated in a speech about her hopes of inspiring girls to believe in themselves - a message that has now been overshadowed.

Hegerberg, who has said she was incredibly proud to be named the first ever female to win the award said, “This is a great motivation to continue working hard and we will continue to work together to win more titles.

“I wanted to end with some words for young girls around the world: believe in yourselves.”

Since the awards evening, Hegerberg has spoken to multiple different media outlets about sexism in sport and how women should not be put off sport.

Speaking at a press conference, Hegerberg said, “It is all about giving girls the opportunity to dream big and to believe in themselves.

“Obviously when you see a women accepting a Ballon d’Or trophy on telly and you are, 10 years old, you must be inspired. It is important to support girls, to give them the best conditions to dream big and to become the best.”

Even though Hegerberg’s moment was taken away from her, she has communicated that there is no place for sexism in sport and girls should not be put off from practising sport, which was far more effective than Solveig’s example of communicating

Andy Murray has since criticised Solveig’s comment, saying it was “another example of the ridiculous sexism in sport”.

Continuing on his Instagram, Murray wrote: “What questions did they ask Mbappé and Modric? I’d imagine something to do with football. And to everyone who thinks I’m overreacting and it was just a joke ... it wasn’t. I’ve been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal.”

Picture: Google