Iceland fans

Week 142 (25 June - 1 July 2016)

Listen up and you'll hear a sound reverberating across the UEFA European Championships 2016. It is a fearsome battle cry that terrifies and fascinates in equal measure – and it comes from the 10% of Iceland's 330,000 population who have travelled to France to cheer on their team.

Despite the country's size, its national side have, so far, performed astonishingly well in the tournament. As one journalist astutely observed, Iceland has the same population as Leicester – a reference to remind us that, in 2016, football seems to be anyone's game.

Dismissed by Cristiano Ronaldo for showing a supposedly "small mentality", Iceland have gone on to defy expectation and prove there is something deeply special about its team, which is coached by a part-time dentist. Very few people would have predicted a shock 2-1 win against England on Monday, but here we are. Iceland are in the quarter finals.

But perhaps this "small mentality" is precisely what has led the team to the business end of Euro 2016.

Actor Joi Johannsson seems to have hit the nail on the head as he points out that "everyone in the country has a connection with a team member, a friend, or a friend of a friend. It's because everyone has that connection that makes it special – it's like a family member succeeding at something and that's why we're so proud."

And their passion is hard to miss. On Monday night, as Iceland outplayed England on the pitch, Twitter was full of enamoured football fans across the globe raving about the unmistakeable, guttural celebrations of their fans.

Their cry – which has been dubbed the 'Huh' – begins as supporters shout and clap in unison before gradually raising the tempo.

It seems to create a powerful bond between fans and players and a sense that anything is possible.

Iceland fans' enthusiasm is contagious – especially if one's team has already been eliminated – and it seems certain that come this Sunday against France, it won't only be Icelanders making the 'Huh' cry heard across Euro 2016.

Everyone loves an underdog after all, especially one with a bark like that.