Los Angeles

Week 95 (25 - 31 July 2015)

Following the withdrawal on Monday night of Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city of Los Angeles put itself forward as a potential replacement bid city for the United States Olympic Committee.

The whole of the Olympic Movement, especially athletes, will have noted the move - and will most likely have been grateful for it - as a Los Angeles ‎Olympic Games carries an unrivalled kudos, thanks to successful editions in 1932 and 1984. 

Los Angeles’ sports executives moved quickly to promote a potential bid for 2024, yet they did so with empathy for the failed Boston bid, and in such a manner as not to divert media attention away from the Special Olympics World Games currently taking place in the city.

Whilst there have been some headlines from local media which did not fall into this category, the responses of the city’s powerbrokers have trod a considerate communications line.

In January, Los Angeles’ bid concept was overlooked by the USOC in favour of Boston, yet there has been no sense of vindication from those in Los Angeles, nor indeed from the other cities who missed out - Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

Instead, Los Angeles’ credentials as a potential Olympic host city have merely been re-stated with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti saying: “I continue to believe that Los Angeles is the ideal Olympic city, and we have always supported the USOC in their effort to return the Games to the United States.

“I would be happy to engage in discussions with the USOC about how to present the strongest and most fiscally responsible bid on behalf of our city and nation.”

Garcetti’s words will have been heard loud and clear by the USOC, as he has not been crowded out by other competing voices on an executive level. Within the media however, there has been no shortage of journalists keen to write up Los Angeles as the right call for the USOC.

This has helped establish a two-tier communications dynamic around Los Angeles: on one level there is a clear voice stating that the city is ready to work hand-in-hand with the USOC to try and bring the Games back to the US; and on another level there is a frenetic buzz amongst the people that Los Angeles’ time to become the focal point of world sport has come once again. 

Photo: Schwartzman93