Brian Lewis

Week 88 (6 - 12 June 2015)

 Sporting integrity is essential for protecting the fundamental ethos of sport and what sport stands for but recently these principles have been compromised by a wave of corruption which has embroiled world sport.

From bribery claims to match-fixing to doping, 21st century sport has become a complex and delicate environment, perpetuated by the increasing convergence of sport and politics on the world stage.

Sporting scandals have dominated the news and high-profile sportsmen and women and even world figures are banging the drum ever louder for the sporting world to clean up its act. The Lance Armstrong doping case was one of the most damaging in recent times, with the discovery of years of lies and denials driven by his desire to be the best. The lines have become blurred between morality and winning at all costs and it has become important to address this.

This week, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) did just that with the announcement that an Anti-Doping Act, pioneered by the TTOC, has officially been passed into law by the country's President Anthony Carmona.

Tougher sanctions are one way of deterring athletes from turning to performance enhancing drugs and the TTOC should be commended for its commitment to combating doping in sport.

The TTOC President, Brian Lewis, clearly and assertively communicated his vision for tackling doping and this served as a timely reminder of the duty to protect clean athletes and tackle the scandals which have plagued sport.

Lewis, who was elected president of the TTOC in 2013, hailed the news as a "great day for clean athletes in Trinidad and Tobago" and stressed that they must remain dedicated to the cause.

"The fight against doping in sport is an ongoing one and there can be no relenting or let up," he said.

"This is a big achievement for Trinidad and Tobago sport in the sense that we have committed to doing and becoming World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) compliant in terms of the legislative part."

Lewis added: "The battle is far from over and in fact has just begun but the proclamation of the Act allows for a confident first step and dawn of a new day for sport in Trinidad and Tobago."

Time will tell whether this will pave the way for a dawn of a new day for sporting integrity.


Photo: Twitter