Baku 2015

Week 49 (23 - 29 August 2014)

Before any sports event can attract a global audience of millions, it needs to capture the imagination of the masses first. It’s a straight forward formula, but one size never fits all. The city, the sports, the region, the time zone, are just 4 of 400 variables which can influence the appeal of a sports event.

Yet there are certain pieces of the puzzle which must be spot on every time. These cornerstones are the attendance of world renowned athletes, an energised and hospitable hosting public, a first-class host broadcaster (and national broadcast partners), and an X-factor, something different about this particular event which makes viewers want to tune in to make sure they don’t miss out.

Baku 2015, the inaugural European Games, is the next major multi-sport event in Europe. It could be argued that the Games, due to take place between 12-28 June next year, already has a ready-made X-factor being the first-ever continental multi-sport event in Europe. But in the fiercely competitive sports industry, novelty doesn’t cut it by itself. Novelty plus intrigue is a lot stronger.

On Wednesday, Baku 2015 significantly added to its own intrigue by unveiling its new brand architecture, taking the corporate image of the Games  in a new and strong direction.

As Gary Holt, the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of SomeOne agency, who created Baku 2015's new look and feel, said:

“Having visited Baku during the immersive phase of the project, we were impressed at just how lush and beautiful the city was.

“This inspired the creation of a living property – the Baku 2015 pomegranate tree. Alive with athletes, Azerbaijani art and the pomegranates themselves, the tree has been designed to be adaptive, celebrating elite sport in the amazing setting of Baku.”

The designs include symbols of Azerbaijani heritage including the colourful stained glass shebeke (windows), the ornamental detail of the buta (fire imagery) and references to carpet design and weaving. At its core is the pomegranate tree and interwoven with its branches are also pictograms of the different sports and disciplines.

While capturing people’s imagination is a subjective matter, the designs certainly intrigue and effortlessly place Baku as a town steeped in heritage but with a modern pace of life.

Baku 2015’s mission to capture the hearts and minds of sports fans across Azerbaijan, Europe and the world is well underway.

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Photo: Baku 2015