Week 40 (21 - 27 June 2014)

Do you remember that year when everything went wrong at Wimbledon? No, us neither. And it's quite possible that such a sentence has never actually been said.

The Championships are a well-oiled mega event, and its continued success is down to the organisers' ability to move with the times without anyone realising. This is certainly the secret to its communications. Take Wimbledon's publication "A Guide To Queueing" as an example. The name evokes tradition, values and makes you want to read it but inside it is packed with everything anyone from 5 to 85 could possibly want to know about visiting the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

But the brochure is only the start of Wimbledon's engaging and cross-generational communications output. Then come the apps for results, QR codes for the latest order of play, three radio channels broadcasting information and match commentaries to a 4 mile radius around the grounds, a live blog and a live stream broadcasting via the Wimbledon website. If you're watching Wimbledon via the BBC alone, you are basically in the dark ages.

Yet despite the modern-age tricks, the old-world class remains. The iconic purple and green livery and the long-standing commitment of its partners, such as Robinsons and Slazenger, play a big role in this. But more than anything, it's The Championships' officials and employees who really provide the charm.

The well-turned-out ball boys and ball girls, the floppy-haired court coverers, the smart-as-brass line judges and last, but in no way least, the delightful volunteers who keep Wimbledon what it is: a very English day out.

Photo: Wikipedia