Dmitry Chernyshenko

Week 9 (2 - 8 November 2013)

Dmitry Chernyshenko has been a busy man this week. The Sochi 2014 Organising Committee President and CEO was in New York for the adoption of the Olympic Truce at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, and took the opportunity to offer eloquent reassurances about every aspect of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in his native city to an American media which has shone the spotlight on the OCOG in recent weeks.

The draft of the resolution for the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was titled "Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideals" and Chernyshenko delivered an address that was both passionate and robust, reinforcing Sochi's ambitious vision with facts, stats and concrete evidence of how Sochi has contributed to sustainable peace-building projects in the build up to its Games.

Historically, the Olympic Truce marks a cessation of hostilities between member states competing in an Olympic Games. But as TODAY Show host Matt Lauer's nine searchingly direct questions in four minutes suggested, the American media were in no mood to afford Chernyshenko a ceasefire.

Lauer asked Chernyshenko, "Is there going to be a lot of in-your-face security in Sochi?" and, "Are we going to see snowboarders and skiers competing in short sleeves?"

Chernyshenko's answers were reassuring and friendly, even humorous at times. When Lauer asked how to correctly pronounce Sochi, the reply came:

"So-chee, don't mix it with sushi. We will put Sochi on the map."

Chernyshenko has won many friends over the last few years with his respectful but relaxed, genial demeanour. Those he won in the American media this week could be as valuable as any when it comes to how the world will see – and remember – Sochi 2014.