Usain Bolt

Week 2 (14 - 20 September 2013)

After Usain Bolt obliterated the 100m world record at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, his agent, Ricky Simms, told him: "Remember, you're not just Usain anymore, you are Usain Bolt, the brand, the business, all the time."

Five years on and the Bolt business is still thriving. Brand fatigue simply doesn't exist when it comes to the 27-year-old Jamaican and this is not only because Bolt happens to be the fastest man in the world. What maintains our fascination in Bolt is the man himself. And he underlined his appeal again this week in an hour-long interview with BBC Radio 5 Live.

At one point, interrogator-in-chief, Mark Pougatch, asked Bolt about life after athletics:

"Nobody can hold back time. Let's say you are 31, 32, it doesn't really matter. You have probably got, God willing, another 50 to 60 years on this planet, Usain. What do you do?

The immediate response: "Chill out!"

The London 2012 triple gold medal-winner also said: "I am lazy, in everything else I do. I train pretty hard because I have to and that's the focus. For me, I'm a lazy person. That's why I have a great team because they pick up the slack...ha-ha...around me. For me it's wonderful just to be myself and enjoy life."
Despite his supreme talents and extreme showboating, Bolt seems normal; he probably is normal. That's why people, on the whole, don't take issue with his "I am a legend" comments. He is a legend. An everyday legend - that's brand Bolt and it's as strong as ever.

Photo: Brunel University